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Thursday, November 7, 2013

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I went through the Disney's and Lucasfilm "terms of use" and just to be safe and not to get in any trouble, this project is considered an unofficial project until approved by Disney / Lucasfilm.

We didnt have much success recently, because Lucasfilm is very stubborn, but We all hope, that Lucasfilm will understand that only fans can make the best remakes and they reconsider their decision.

We are independent video game designers who want to bring this classic title to a new generation. All team members are skillful senior developers with lots of experience in the computer field. We are 3D generalists and do not require a large team to make this project happen successfully.

We still work on this game and when the demo is completed, its going to be send to Disney/Lucasfilm for consideration and we all hope, they will like it enough to give us a chance to make a full game. No public release of the demo, sorry.
Your support is very important and its necessary to show it to the Disney/Lucasfilm! Fight for it.

Our mission is to create a remake of this legendary game after more than 20 years, which nobody has attempted yet. Our updated version features high definition digital artwork, smooth, realistic animation, high quality music, sound effects and voice overs.
This demo will not be released publicly until approved by Disney / Lucasfilm!

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a point-and-click adventure game by Lucasfilm games, originally released in 1992. © Disney. All rights reserved.

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Project Info:  started 28th Oct 2013, 2D version on 20th January, 2015
Special edition is going to have: New HD art, smooth 3D animations, 3D characters, high quality music, sounds and Voice overs!
We also plan to make two versions! The original, and with updated storyline.

HD images are 2048x1536 pixels, scrolling images goes up to 6144 pixels. All should be set up for 1080p/720p display.
Patrik has created realistic environments with a great smooth lighting and atmosphere. Soft lighting creates the final result of the image "kind of" retro "cartoonish" and we like it a lot!
Characters look realistic as we all know from the movies.
We also would like to add some new features, which are known from the film sequels and expand the storyline to make it more interesting.

We work with?
Dale Dassel, a huge fan of Indiana Jones franchise. He is a IJ collector with great knowledge of history. He also wrote a Fate of Atlantis novelization, which took him 4 years. You can download it here:

Luis Belerique is creating Indiana Jones character, which looks exactly like Harrison Ford in 1990, which brings lots of memories and realism to the game.
His portfolio:
His 3D version of "Blade runner" character is a old version of Harrison Ford 3D model, new updated version looks much better! Dont miss it.

Doug Petty creates high poly sculpts as a good start point for re-topology characters. I would say he is the most productive character artist on this project. :o)
His portfolio:

Rich Douglas is a professional composer and big fan of Fate of Atlantis! He was so kind to help us and he created about 6 new music for this demo.
His website:!music-samples/cdff

Avishay Mizrav an adventure enthusiast and a musician at heart is our programmer, He takes it all and put it together, building the scenes in the engine, triggering and syncing animations, dialogues, music and sound effects, creating the puzzles and game logics, UI, etc.

Then its me, Patrik Spacek. I have been in games industry since 1995. I do all 2D/3D art, animations, rigging, post-production, level designs, CG animations and I am the creative director on this project.

We have switched the game engine from Wintermute engine to Construct 2.
We will use 2D sprites for all animations along with 2D Backgrounds.
Patrik also creates lots of CG cut-scenes, which makes the look closer to the film. 

We all hope Disney will love it enough to give us a full game contract!
Thank you all for huge support! Fingers crossed, hopefully it's gonna work.

Teaser images below

Art progress updates:  95%
- Environments -
(Patrik Spacek)
Room 1 (Attic) - done (total: 24hrs)
Room 2 (Shelves room) - done (total: 24hrs)
Room 3 (Library) - done (total: 24hrs)
Room 4 (Cat's room) - done (total: 16hrs)
Room 5 (Fire room) - done (total: 24hrs)
Room 6 (Museum hall) - done (total: 36hrs)
Room 7 (Office) - done (total: 30hrs)
Table close up view (opening a statue) - done (total: 18hrs)
Passport with Klaus Kerner photo - done (total: 16hrs)
Book with Jones and Sophia - done (total: 12hrs)
Airplane Ford CR1 Trimotor - done (total: 12hrs)
Map 1 (New York, Barnett college CGI) - done (total: 2hrs)
Outdoor 1 (In front of Theater) - done (total: 36hrs) 
Room 8 (Theater, behind the stage) - done (total: 24hrs)
Room 9 (Theater, on the stage) - done (total: 24hrs)
Room 10 (Sophia office) - done (total: 24hrs)
Newspapers with a German scientist - done (total: 2hrs)
Outdoor 2 (Iceland) done (total: 36hrs)
Room 11 (In the cave) - done (total: 24hrs)
Map 2 (Tikal, NY, Iceland, Azores CGI) - done (total: 2hrs)
Outdoor 3 (Tikal - Jungle) - done (total: 36hrs)
Room 12 (Inside the temple) - done (total: 24hrs)
Map 3 (Algiers, MonteCarlo, Crete CGI) - done (total: 2hrs)
Map 4 (Thera, Knossos CGI) - done (total: 2hrs)
Nur-Ab-Sal Necklace (ver1, ver2) done (total: 6hrs)
User Interface done (total: 6hrs, for demo only) 
CG: Jones opens a statue done (total: week)
CG: Crypt opening in Tikal - done (total: week)
CG: Jones picks up the Horned statue done (total: week)
CG: Jones points on Kerner done (total: week)
CG: Marcus holds the magazine done (total: week)
CG: Sophia holds Newspapers - (canceled)
CG: Sophia's necklace - done (total: week)
CG: Animated game logo of Indiana Jones -
CG: Animated Lucas/Disney logo -

- Characters -
(Patrik Spacek, Luis Belerique, Doug Petty, Dave Wagner)

Indiana Jones (ver1,ver2) - done (total: ??hrs)
Indiana Jones animations - done
Sophia Hapgood (ver1, ver2) - done (total: 50hrs)
Klaus Kerner (ver1,ver2,ver3) - done (total: 60hrs)
Dr. Marcus Brody - done (total: 40hrs)
Dr. Hans Ubermann - done (total: 24hrs)
Bodyguard (Theater) - done (total: 40hrs)
Lighting technician (Theater) - (zbrush done)
Dr. Heimdall (Iceland) done (total: 40hrs)
Ph.D Charles Sternhart (Tikal) - (zbrush done)
Parrot (Tikal) - done (total: 10hrs)
Rodent (Tikal) - done (total: 10hrs)
Snake (Tikal) - done (total: 10hrs)
Cat (Museum) - done (total: 10hrs)

- Music + sounds -
Introduction part 1 - done
Introduction part 2 - canceled
Kerner Steals the Statue - done
New York - done
Fighting - done
Madame Sophia's Presentation part 1 - done
Madame Sophia's Presentation part 2 -canceled
Sophia's Office is Ransacked - done
God of Deceit - done
Map - done
Iceland - done
Jungles of Tikal - done
Tikal Temple - done

- Programming -
(Avishay Mizrav)

- We are implementing all art with cut outs and also testing 2D characters, rig and bones, lighting and shadows, parallax and basic UI functions. Here is what we have done so far:
16:9 1920x1080 resolution - passed
Horizontal parallax - passed
Vertical parallax - has been working, but we canceled this task
Importing 3d scene for shadow objects, lights and camera - passed
Importing lights, ambient light, and stencil shadow - passed
Testing 2D regions for blocking, viewpoints and walk areas - passed
Import 3D character with bones and animations - passed
Jones react on objects - passed  
RGBedit and selection for lights - passed 
Imported Art of Room01-08 to WME - passed
Imported Art of Room09-15 to WME - passed
All rooms geometry imported to WME - passed
RGB tool for shadows - passed
Moonwalking fix - done
Lighting - passed
Shadows + blocking objects - passed
Additional animated objects -passed
User Interface functions - passed

Dialogue system - done
Implementing dialogues - in progress
Send for "fans" translations - "future plan"

(approx: 30 minutes of gameplay)
Elevator pitch has been sent to Disney Interactive for review on
5th February, 2015. We continue work on this demo!

More people are sending me a questions about the development
and Nur Ab Sal thanks to everyone for a huge support! 

Update Jan 2014
Look at him! He is smiling and taking power over you.

Update April 2014
Teaser images for all Fans of IJ and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition!
Patrik's old office

Update June 20th 2014
It's my birthday (20th June), so I decided to show you
another sneak peak images. WME engine.

 Update July 2nd 2014
This license plate has been on my car for a while ;o)
I am a good friend of Will Eaken, and I have updated his original image for Special Edition!
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