Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Thursday, November 7, 2013

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I went through the Disney's and Lucasfilm "terms of use" and just to be safe and not to get in any trouble, this project is considered an unofficial fans project until approved by Disney / Lucasfilm.

We all hope, that Lucasfilm and Disney will understand that only fans can make the best remakes and they make the right decision.

Went2Play is a team of senior game designers, programmers, artists and musicians, who want to bring this classic title to a new generation. All team members are skillful senior developers with lots of experience in the computer field. We are 3D generalists and do not require a large team to make this project happen successfully with a low budget.

The Demo is completed and we would like to present it at Disney/Lucasfilm personally. Our presentation would introduce our team, budget plans, artworks, technical side and the Demo.

Your support is very important! Help us fight for it.

Our mission is to create a remake of this legendary game after more than 20 years, which nobody has attempted yet. Our updated version features high definition digital artwork, smooth, realistic animation, high quality music, sound effects and voice overs.

This demo will not be released publicly until approved by Disney / Lucasfilm!

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a point-and-click adventure game by Lucasfilm games, originally released in 1992. © Disney. All rights reserved.


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HD images are 2048x1536 pixels, scrolling images goes up to 6144 pixels. The game is set for 1080p.
We also created CGI cut scenes!

Visionaire Studio 4.2.5

We all hope Disney will love it enough to give us a full game contract! This is the best Special Edition in development.

Thank you all for huge support! Fingers crossed, hopefully it's gonna work.

- Visionaire Studio 4 -
Perfect choice for any adventure game.

- Music + sounds -
Rich Douglas and Lynal Mereneth

- Voice overs -
Professional actors
Demo gameplay!
(approx: 30 minutes)
License proposal had been sent to Disney and Lucasfilm
on 22nd May, 2016. We continue work on this game!

Game screenshots 2016